Connections with the right people put you on the path to success. Being able to leverage your people networks saves you time, energy, and money.

Effective Networking, Inc. works with people to ensure they establish optimal affiliations to maximize their potential achievement and reach their personal or professional goals.

"Diane Darling recently conducted a focused networking seminar for our relationship sales force. With a unique market opportunity to acquire new business, Diane worked on strategies for leveraging referral sources and expanding our networks. Her efforts had a profound impact on our calling activity. The division increased face to face calling activities by 40% month over month and have generated a 30% growth in total pipeline opportunities."  

- Scott Sanborn, Senior Vice President & Director - Sovereign Bank


"WOW!" This was our reaction to meeting Diane Darling and listening to her teach her masterful networking techniques. Diane visited our firm and conducted a seminar for our staff where she shared and demonstrated her skills in working a room, making a lasting postive impression and setting oneself apart from the crowd.

She has finely tuned the behaviors required for successful marketing and shares her knowledge in a simplistic xanaxway that all can immediately incorporate into their personal lives. Diane is the master of networking and everyone can benefit from her expertise in every facet of their lives. Diane Darling is a powerful influence.

Tom Feeley, Feeley & Driscoll CPAs


“Every faculty member who attended Effective Networking's excellent presentation buy retin-a left the event knowing that they had used their time wisely. I attended a Fidelity event in Newport the following day and I utilized Diane's training all day.”

- Dave Mitchell - Dean, School of Business at doxycycline Johnson & Wales

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“Networking creates a placeholder for future contact.”
- Ted Dintersmith, Partner at Charles River Ventures


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